Avoiding Wasps this Summer

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Wasps are likely to be encountered throughout summer wherever food is consumed and near garbage collection areas.

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Do wasps sting or bite?

It probably comes as no surprise to learn that wasps can sting or bite. Their fearsome reputation is certainly deserved.

Some species of wasps bite, though they rarely bite humans. Instead, they usually bite smaller insects.

When wasps want to deter humans, they usually resort to stinging rather than biting. If you’ve ever been stung, you’ll know how effective this form of attack is. However, do remember that wasps generally only sting if they feel threatened.

Can wasps sting more than once?

A wasp’s stinger is smooth, like a needle, so it can sting your skin many times. Unlike bees, wasps don’t lose their stingers when they attack.

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Wasp prevention tips

Here are some tips to help deter this stinging pest:

  • Check for wasp nests – in their infancy, they will be the size of a golf ball. Look for these in garages, sheds, cavity walls and under eaves.
  • Secure bins – ensure that bins have tightly fitted lids and keep them away from doors and windows.
  • Fly screens – check to see if there are any rips or tears in fly screens. Alternatively, you can keep windows and doors shut to prevent wasps entering your home.
  • Be safe – make sure you keep children and pets away from areas where you may have spotted a wasp nest.
  • Food and drinks – carefully dispose of these, especially soft drink cans.
  • Sugary drinks – never leave them unattended and always check drinks for wasps before consuming.
  • Avoid strong scents and bright clothing.
  • Protect your feet by wearing closed shoes.
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Wasp nest removal

If you notice high numbers of wasps in your home or garden, there’s likely to be a nest nearby. If you disturb a nest, you may provoke the wasps inside to attack and sting you – it’s their form of defence.

It’s important to treat a wasp nest early to reduce the threat of a wasp sting. Do not attempt to remove a wasp nest, contact wasp control technicians who are fully trained and equipped with the necessary safety gear.